Get Creative with Peer to Peer Fundraising

Get Creative with Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer to Peer Fundraising is here to stay.  With CharityWeb's online fundraising platform even small organizations can easily host branded peer-to-peer fundraising pages.  Here are some creative ways we've seen clients use our online fundraising platform for peer-to-peer fundraising:

1.  Board Members - Nearly every organization relies on board members to raise funds.  We make it easy for board members to create their own fundraising page with an image, appeal message and fundraising goal.

2.  Colleges - Alumni groups can create a page and fundraise as a group around an event like homecoming and make it fun with competition.

3.  Personal Challenges - Individuals can quickly create a personal fundraising page with our peer-to-peer tool to solicit donations for a bike tour, mountain climb, or any challenge.

4. Birthdays - Instead of gifts, you can create a fundraising page asking for friends and family to support your favorite cause.

5. What else can you dream up?  Peer-to-Peer fundraising can be used for almost anything you can think of!  

CharityWeb's online fundraising platform is just $20 a month and includes access to branded Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages.  With a 2% CharityWeb fee and credit card rates of just 2.2% plus 30 cents -- it is the most economical crowd funding solution around.  Give it a try and keep more of what you raise.


If you don't see the answers below, contact us or visit our documentation site

Absolutely not - that's our job! Our engineers match the look and feel of your existing site - copying the wrapper and navigation. Donors will feel like they never left your site. The page is hosted on our secure server and you simply link to it from the Donate button on your homepage. We take care of providing the online receipt and sending the email thank you with your organization's email address.
No, you can use a better one that can save you money and provide excellent service and flexibility. And, the money will still be directed into your current bank account. Our preferred provider, Moneris, has been able to beat or match the fees of any client we've referred. Plus, Moneris offers ACH service so you can save money on recurring gifts.
Yes. We can setup a special page for your campaign where you can accept donor pledge and payment information. We automatically divide the pledge into equal payments based on donor selection (monthly, quarterly, pay all at once) and send an email thank you after each successful pledge payment.
We store your data in a password protected control panel. You can view and download into an Excel or CSV file format 24/7. We do not charge for multiple users.
Yes. Security is at the heart of our business. We go through quarterly certification with McAfee.
We have a lot of experience dealing with fraudsters and have several safe guards in place that virtually eliminate fraud.
No. We're available through or by phone 866.4.eTools ext 104. One of our experienced engineers will be happy to assist you.
We have a lot of experience with online fundraising and are happy to share our knowledge with you. We've worked with some of the largest charities in America. Our flat transaction fee is pretty unique too. We're committed to not taking a percentage of the transaction so you get to keep more of what you earn. We could go on...but let's end with our keen ability to customize applications so your fundraising vision becomes a reality. All this and we're affordable too!

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